Release Notes: April 29, 2020

What’s New

New Email and Text replacement fields for Providers

The verdict is in: telehealth is here to stay. To help practices with their migrations to web calls, we've added new replacement fields that you can set and place in reminder messages.

  • Provider Email {doctor_email}
  • Call-In Number {doctor_call_in_number} 
    Use {doctor_call_in_number_formatted} to use a formatted number.
  • One-Touch Call-In Number {doctor_one_touch_call_in_number}
  • Meeting Link {unique_provider_meeting_link}
    Use {unique_provider_meeting_short_link} to use an auto-shortened link.
  • Meeting ID {doctor_meeting_id}

Improved provider settings page under "Settings"

We got bored of the old Provider Settings page. So we've built a new one! 

  • The new interface is super handy: you can view, filter, and sort all of your providers on a single page. 
  • You can download the results under "Provider Listing" by clicking the cloud with an arrow pointing down. 
  • See it? It's that small button on the right-hand side, next to the search bar.

  • Also, you can edit all of a provider's details by clicking the provider's name on the list.

  • The new page is also wayyyy slicker. We just felt like patting ourselves on the back, for that.

Patient Data File Upload

There's a new page that allows you to upload a list of patients in .CSV (Comma-separated values [un-quoted]) file format, and insert them into Vital Interaction. This is especially useful for new customers who haven't loaded any data from their software yet but want to make use of our Bulk Sending or Patient Chat features.

Here is a sample file. Do not upload this example, for obvious reasons:


Here's a breakdown of the file.  The first line is the header row. 


The header row is what defines the sequence of the values. The first value on the next line will be the patient ID. After the first comma-separation, the second value. The second value will be the first name of the patient. And so forth.

  • The patient's ID in your Practice Management System is 100000.

    Note: This ID may not match the account/person/guarantor ID you see on your screen while logged into your scheduling system. It might be a completely-hidden, completely-unique key found only in the internal database. This is why your first upload should take place with our help.
  • The patient's first_name is Frasier.
  • The patient's last_name is Crane
  • The patient's date_of_birth is March 7th, 1958. The date format is always: YYYY-MM-DD
  • The patient's cell_phone number is 2065551901
  • The patient's email is

    Warning for humans: This is a powerful feature used to insert and modify many patients in large batches! Be very careful when using it. The VI Support Team is more than happy to walk you through your first few uploads, if you send us a message.

  • That warning is there for your safety.


  • You can view patient details in the sidebar of your current conversation inside Patient Chat.

  • Now, you can view a patient's upcoming appointments and recalls, as well as some basic information about the patient.


  • Our Add Recall Type page was throwing all sorts of fits. But this release has patched that!

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