Release Notes 2020-02-18

Public Release

Release Date: 2020-02-18

What’s New

New Feature: Create Configure Campaign Template interface in Bulk Sending. VI-Admin users can build a campaign template for Automated Bulk Sending Campaign.

  • In order to edit the existing automated campaign template, users can select a campaign template from the list.Users need to mention the following to generate a campaign template
    • Campaign Name
    • Purpose
    • Email message detail (if required)
    • Text message detail (if required)
    • Specify unique S3 location where it is expected to get uploaded campaign data file.

At the end it will show the preview before actual submission of template.

  • New Feature: Add ability to save referral as a draft

When a user is filling form for sending/receiving referral if he navigates away from the page without sending referral, all the entered information of referral will be automatically saved and visible on the reports with draft label. User can edit the draft request in order to send the referral

  • New Feature: Save logs of all the changes made to referral

Any change made to referral will be logged and visible under the actions dropdown with logs option.

Modal dialog will show all the changes made to the referral

New + Improved
  • Add Pagination in Email Template tool

Now users can search email directory by typing a number and the first 20 records containing that number will show and if the user scroll then the next 20 records will show and so on. 

  • Cancellation email does not show VI log in the footer

User notification cancellation email will show VI logo 

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