Release Notes 2020-01-29

Public Release

Release Date: 2019-01-29

What’s New

  • New Feature: Add Users in Bulk

Now VI Admin user can add users in bulk. New button is added in user settings page

On clicking Add user in bulk, user have to upload csv file including user information

On uploading it will validate the file and show if any header is missing, on successful upload, it will add users in VI and list the users that were not added with the reason

  • New Feature: Fax Preview while Sending Referral

Now users will be able to view the preview of the fax that will be sent including the attachments uploaded on the last step of sending referrals.

Now when a user does some form filling on send referral screen if he navigates away its changes will be automatically saved and available on Referral worklist so that user can continue from where he left.

  • New Feature: Send Quick Demonstration Message via Bulk Sending
    • VI-Admin users can send messages quickly for demonstration purposes via bulk sending tool, we don’t have to wait for a message to go out via normal message sending process. It will be sent out quicker using a bulk sending tool.After clicking on the Send Message button, it will populate this window and send out a message for a selected appointment.We can see the log in Bulk Sending Campaign Logs. Logs usually take 2 or 5 minutes to populate logs.

New + Improved
  • Add Pagination in Email Template tool

Now users can search email templates by typing the three letters and the first 20 records containing those letters will show and if the user scroll then the next 20 records will show and so on.

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