Release Notes 2020-01-06

Public Release

Release Date: 2020-01-06

What’s New

New Feature: Single Site. We are going to release single site for secure beta with getting rid of Safe login and Practice. New URL for the portal will be

New + Improved

  • Show correct time in Real time Integration Daemon Status page
    • In both tabs on real time integration daemon status page, Time column will display as the last modified date time of S3 file.

  • Display Recall Logs on Web Portal
    • Now users can see recall logs in recall tab of facility report 

  • Allow user to check message sending status for past days
    • Now a user can see message sending status of past days as well

  • Enhanced select customer dropdown in Integration Status page
    • In Show by Customer tab, made the customer dropdown similar to the one we have in Realtime Integration daemon status page.

  • Pre appt and Appt Reminder Global messages  
    • While editing Global interactive message, if Global flag is OFF then system makes it non-global. So we fixed this and now user and easily edit Global interactive messages. 
  • When adding a new user, the patient chat access is not coming up as default. 
    • If the practice manager adds a user, the new user will come with the patient chat access by default.
  • Fix Link Customers
    • Added pagination
    • Fixed customer unlinking
    • Do not display practices of unlinked customers on send referral screen
    • Show unlink customers on Link customer page

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