Release Notes 2019-05-30

Public Release

Release Date: 2019-05-30

What’s New

  • Patient Chat: Active/Pending/Closed/Spam status for chat
    • You can now organize and filter messages by new patient chat statuses.
    • You can select multiple statuses to create filter combinations. The default selected statuses are Active/Pending/Unread.
      • Active - When a new message is received for a patient/number that thread status will be automatically changed to active.
      • Pending - Messages can be manually moved to this status by a user to denote that the practice is not yet finished with this thread/patient and follow up is needed either from the patient or from the practice. 
      • Closed - A message is changed to this status to denote that no further action is required.
      • Spam - This status is used to mark a message/number/sender as Spam. Once marked as Spam, all future messages from that number/sender will always go to spam unless the user manually changes the status to Active, Pending or Closed.
  • Mark appointment rescheduled if patient presses 7 via IVR
  • Tasklist updates

Fixes + Backend Changes

  • Create endpoints for patient messaging status feature
  • No reply from text after 4 hours not working for product pickup
  • Trigger error out or blocked logs in log generation system
  • Remove XOR encryption from messaging

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