Release Notes 2019-10-16

Public Release

Release Date: 2019-10-16

What’s New

  • New Feature: We now show the fax status on referrals sent via fax. 
    • The fax status now shows in the attachment tab of the notes and attachment column on the Referral Worklist.
    • Example fax status:
      • Failure
      • Success
      • Queued
      • In Progress
    • How does this help?
      • Users can now track if the fax they sent was successfully delivered and/or find the reason why it was not delivered.

  • New Feature: Users can now add a Practice, Location, Provider, Department or Speciality on-the-fly from the Send Referral screen while creating a new referral.
    • How does this help?
      • Users don’t need to exit out of, or cancel, the current entry of a referral and separately go to the dedicated practice, location, provider, department or specialty page to add a new entry to the corresponding dropdown list while entering a referral.

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