Overview / Concepts

There are a few things that are critical to understand and ensure you get the most value from the Vital Interaction system.

The information in Vital Interaction is a copy of information in your practice management system

  • We update appointment details and patient information at least once per day (typically overnight) depending on the integration between Vital Interaction and your practice management system.
  • If you need to update or correct patient contact information, you should make the change in your practice management system.  Vital Interaction will receive the new details during the next synchronization.  We do not send patient details to your practice management system.
  • If you change the status of an appointment, then it will update the status of that appointment in Vital Interaction during the next synchronization.  For example, if you cancel an appointment today, it will appear as active in Vital Interaction until the next synchronization.

We create messages based on your account configuration and place them in a message queue to be sent on the message schedule as defined in your Vital Interaction account

  • Your default message schedule is defined in Setting > General Settings

Messages have a life cycle

View by going to Message Reports > Message Log

  • Message Not Sent - The message is sitting in the queue waiting to be sent at the scheduled time
  • Message Sent - The message has been sent to the contact information we have on file
  • Message Received - We successfully delivered the message (opened email, successful text, phone call was answered by human or machine)
  • Message Not Received - The message delivery was not successful
  • Confirmed / Declined - The message received an expected response
  • There are a few other statuses.  You can find definitions here:  https://vitalinteraction.helpscoutdocs.com/article/6-message-and-reporting-status-descriptions
Confirm and Decline Responses

View by going to Facility Reports > Message Reports

  • Confirm - The patient has responded to the appointment reminder message with a positive response
  • Decline - The patient has responded to the appointment reminder message with the option that indicates that they need to cancel or reschedule the appointment

We configure messages for all different appointment types and reminders. We call these Message Kinds

  • The Vital Interaction system is a reports-based system with most reports sorted by Message Kind
  • Examples of Message Kinds are:
    • Appointment Reminder
    • Appointment Delay / Move Up
    • Appointment Cancellation
    • Pre Appointment
    • After Appointment
    • Recall
    • Product Pick Up

You can view and configure your message kinds by going to Tools > CMT > Associated Messages

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