Bulk Sending Tool

The Bulk Sending Tool allows a user to send up to 100,000 messages in just five short steps. To use the tool please send an email message requesting access to: support@vitalinteraction.com

How to Send a Messaging Campaign

Go to Messaging > Bulk Sending > Start New Campaign

Step 1: Start the Campaign

  • Name the campaign
    • Choose something descriptive.
  • Select Message Type
    • Choose any message type available in your account.
    • For example, newsletters are usually a custom message.

Step 2: Message Selection

Only text and email messages are available for bulk sending (IVR messages are not permitted). You may choose to send both text and email messages or limit the campaign to a single delivery method.

  • Up to 2500 text messages may be sent per phone number.  
    • As an example, if your file has 5000 contacts, then two numbers must be configured. 
    • Two files of 2500 contacts can be uploaded and sent using one phone number.
  • There is no limit on how many phone numbers are tied to your account.

Set the Message

You may use email and text altogether or only one method. 


  • Existing Message:  Any associated message on your account can be selected in the drop-down menu, Select from existing interactive messages (on the right side of the screen).
  • New Message:  Create a message by typing the verbiage in the Message section (on the left side of the screen). This will generate an email with plain text. Use a noreply@practicename.com  on the From Email field, the Reply To field is only needed if you have an email address that you control where you can see replies from your recipients. 
  • Use custom template (email only): Turn it to YES if you want to use a template with your practice logo, for example. Use Select Template to choose from defaulted layouts. Required fields are marked with an * and respond to the same guidelines mentioned above. Click on Messaging to compose the message body, the template will autofill with the information you put on the right. Use Logo Options to upload a file with your logo to put on the template. 


Turn it to YES to enable the free text form to compose a text message.  The text message can be up to 1071 characters. You can also select from preexisting messages from your account. 

Note for both methods (email and text): If using replacement fields in your message, the fields must be in the CSV file column. 

  • For example. If {first_name} is added in the message, then first_name must be added in the top column of the CSV file for it to render correctly.

Step 3: Upload Recipient List

File Format

  • Must be uploaded in CSV format.

Required Fields

  • The only required fields are person_email and person_cell_phone.
  • The fields do not need to have any data, but the field name must be in the top row of the file.

Additional Fields

  • As shown above, to include a replacement field in the message (such as the patient's name), the file must include the corresponding data.

Generate a file using our tool

  • Use Select from available CSV 
  • Select 'All Active Patients' from the drop down.

  • Click Validate File and then Next

Uploading your own file

  • Export a recipient from your system and create a CSV file as shown above. 
  • Select the file to be uploaded.
  • You may need to browse to a network or local folder in order to select your CSV file.

  • The file is automatically validated to ensure it is formatted correctly.

Error files

  • If the file is not formatted properly, the validation process will result in an error. In this example case, person_email was missing in row 1 of the Recipient Data File.

Step 4: Schedule Delivery

  • To send your messages immediately, select Today.
  • To schedule a future delivery, select the date and time in the calendar picker.

Step 5: Review & Send

  • Review the following
    • Message selection 
    • Message content
    • Number of messages to be sent
  • When you are ready to send, click Submit Campaign > Continue.

Campaign Logs

  • To view information about the message campaign, select Campaign Logs.
    • The logs show: 
      • Total messages sent
      • Opens
      • Clicks
      • Delivery success status

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