Smart List Engine

Goals of the Smart List Engine

List creation

  • Create lists of patients based on patient, appointment, encounter parameters
  • Add/subtract lists to create specific lists of patients

What can I do with created lists?

  • Advanced Rule-Based Recalls
  • Complex Reactivation Campaigns
  • Curated Patient Safty Nets
  • Intricate Care Coordination
  • Meet Patient Outreach Related Quality Measures
  • Reduce Liability With Proactive Follow Up
  • And so much more... 


The list building tool will eventually replace the current recall setup, allowing dynamic lists to self-update based on recall criteria

Example: Annual Well Check = Recall patients one year from their last Annual Well Check

  1. Create a list of all active patients
  2. Create a list of all patients with an annual well-check in the last 365 days
  3. Create a list of all patients with no annual well-check in the next 365 days

Subtract list 1 from list 2. subtract list 2 from list 3
Run the recalls to calculate the recall date for their next annual well-check 


Send custom messages: For example, if a provider is leaving and patients need to be notified. A list can be created for all patients that have had an appt in the last 12 months, with a specific provider

Send Newsletter or Marketing emails in the Bulk Sending tool: The bulk sending tool can be used to send messages to pre-specified lists by simply uploading a list of emails and/or cell phones, or selecting a current list from the interface.

An All Patient List comes as standard for customers. Please contact to inquire about a specified list to become available in the bulk sending tool

Recall Interface

Patient list: Create lists of patients based on age criteria or ICD Codes. Useful for patients who need to come back after certain procedures

Appointment List: Create lists of patients based on appointment criteria. This is the most common list used for Reactivations, Annuals, canceled not rescheduled or no show recalls

Encounter List: Create lists of patients based on Encounter dates and types. Perhaps certain visits need to be tracked Vs others

Recalls List: Create a list of patients who received a recall but didn't schedule

Sent Message List: Create a list of patients based on the message received status, message preference, message types

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