Adding a User

The following steps outline the process for adding a user into the Vital Interaction system.

Log into Vital Interaction > Advanced  Settings > User Settings.

Select Add User

Add user information and access levels

Basic: View assigned doctors and facilities
Customer - Admin: Can access all facilities, doctors
Customer - Super Admin: Customer Admin access plus Add/Edit users
Allow General Settings Access: Can access General Settings
Allow Facility Settings Access: Can access Facilities / Clinic Settings

Message Kind Information 

View On:  Place a check mark in the corresponding box to allow the user to access the Message Kinds in Vital Interaction reports.

Notifications On:  Place a check mark in the corresponding box to enable email notifications for these Message Kinds.  

Note:  Notifications On for Appointment Reminders will send an email message to this user every time a patient responds with the DECLINE option or a message fails due to invalid contact information.

Tip:  Notifications On is intended for schedulers so they can follow up with patients that need to be canceled or rescheduledNotifications On can be overwhelming for users in a non-scheduling role.

Daily Report On:  Place a check mark in the corresponding box to include these Message Kinds in the Vital Interaction Daily Summary Report.

Tip:  The Vital Interaction Daily Summary Report is a good tool for managers and supervisors.

All Facilities On:  Selecting this will grant access to all facilities/clinics.

See User Notification Preferences for more information about Vital Interaction notifications

To access all features, your user will need some special Permissions:

In the Select Permissions for Current User, search for the following and place a check mark in the following:

  • follow_up | Can change follow up request status

In the Select Groups for Current User, place a check mark in the following:

  • Follow-Up-Patient-Portal
  • Practice-Referral-Coordinator
  • Practice-Scheduler

Select a  Main Facility for the user > click Save.

You now have a new user!


  • If user is to manage multiple locations, be sure to add them as an ADMIN.
  • BASIC users can only view the location for which they are assigned.  
  • Assign (by placing a check mark in the box):
    • View On - required to access the various Message Kinds in the Vital Interaction reports
    • Notifications On - enables the individual email notification messages for key events such as Decline responses and invalid contact information (good for schedulers)
    • Daily Report On - delivers a daily, summary report of the day's activities (good for managers) 
  • Always press SAVE button after making changes
  • Assign a TEMP PASSWORD which must be changed upon the initial login
  • Our Log-in so you may bookmark it:
  • Email is user ID - you will make a new password on first login
  • Password Rules:
    • At least eight characters with:
      • 1 upper case
      • 1 lower case
      • 2 numbers
      • 1 special character (!, @, #, $, etc.) 
      • Complex password for HIPAA security 
      • Example = Abc1234!

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